A Giggles Welfare Organization [Agwo] — scam

A Giggles Welfare Organization [AGWO] Phone
+91 11 4101 0774
+91 11 2625 0001
A Giggles Welfare Organization [AGWO] Website
A Giggles Welfare Organization [AGWO] Address
C-63, Basement, South Extension, Part-2, New Delhi, Delhi, India – 110049

I received a call about a 45% burns victim and that it was an emergency. I told him this is not the way ngo’s go about during emergencies as i am well aware of how they work. The guy on the line suddenly got rude and told me i have no humanity. I told him that this style is not going to work with me. He can make me feel guilty till cows come home and i am not stupid. So instead of making it worse for you please disconnect right away and also the fact that i am registered under dnd. I know the guy would have got abusive and rude even more.

Total scam. Dont do for it.

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