[Resolved]  Aabiance Technology — Denial of services and refund (Invoice No: PU[protected]

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Hi, My Name is Nikhil. I am based in Pune and I had enrolled for ITIL SO training program in March 2016 with Aabiance Technologies (Chennai based training institute for IT training) and the training dates were 9th & 10th April 2016. Anu A. (PH: [protected]/[protected]) was the coordinator from Aabiance for all this and she was supposed to share the training venue later in March.

I had made a full payment of training & certification fees which is 26000/- Rs. on 21st March 2016 itself and also got confirmation from Aabiance (Invoice is attached) however training got cancelled due unavailability of trainers which was verbally communicated with me instead email.

Since then Anu or anyone from Aabiance never tried to update me on next scheduled training dates hence I had to call Aabiance every couple of days to get the update and every time I got different answers as trainers are on summer vacation, on onsite visit, busy but I never got any solid information or finalized date of training. Later Solomon Raj (PH:[protected]) was answering all the call I made. I had requested Solomon for refund as the training is getting delay a lot however he denied it. I asked him to share the phone number of some senior person whom i can talk and resolve the issue and get my refund. I was too much fed up of all their regular bluff and after almost 5 months of wait and frustration somewhere in 2nd week of July I finally called their number PH: [protected] which was mentioned on there website (I thought it might connect me to some authority) but it was picked by Maria M. (Sr. Coordinator) PH: [protected] and she assured me that she will help me on this and sent me email that senior person Benita is not available and I should send email to them with my issue description.

I sent email to Maria mentioning my issue on which she sent me reply covering their flaws and again assured of some closer. Since then I am not getting response to my next email and not a telephone rather I also stopped calling them asking update. After going through all this frustrating follow ups, wait and loss in professional growth now I don’t want to take any trainings form Aabiance and I urge that my money must be returned by Aabiance Technologies.

I will definitely take some serious steps with legal support to recover my money with interest unless they return it within next 8 days.

Denial of services and refund (Invoice No: PU050316-01)

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