Aakash Fertility Clinic — wrong embryo transfer ivf

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+91 2481 6667
+91 2473 3999
+91 6513 3333
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No.10, 100 Feet Road, Vadapalani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India – 600026

Akshaya fertility should be closed. Poor hygiene, no proper toilet. Worst of all, you can not meet the dr. Meera, she is hiding from her patients like italian mafia you will only meet her embryologist if you are lucky. There are zero control to avoid error in embryo transfer for the ivf. They will not share the number of eggs retrieved and how many of those retrieved eggs got matured and transferred. You do not even know if embryos transferred are indeed yours. We are usa citizen with somali origin. Most of her ivf clients are somali origins. I have heard of some horror stories of which some of the patients for the ivf programs gave birth to indian looking babies which is not a surprise to any body due to lack of a proper control for the egg retrieval and embryos transfers as well as the frozen sperms.
My wife and i consider ourself the lucky one. Our ivf attempt with this horrible clinic did not succeed. Plz imagine for a second being a pregnant with a wrong babies. I should advise all of my fellow somalis to avoid this nasty clinic. They all care about money. They do not care about human emotions or feeling.
I have not seen an ivf clinic in which doctors will not meet the patients (Husband, and wife) to provide and update or let alone consultation.
This is most horrible disgusted place in the whole world,

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