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I hope everyone is safe in the midst of this pandemic!
I would like to begin the email by sharing how disheartened I am with the management of Aakash Institute Sector 14, Gurugram. I was an employee working faithfully for 11 years with you as a Branch Manager. I have stood with the company through thick and thin and worked as if this was my company and my family but unfortunately things have been very challenging for me post my resignation.
For the sake of clarity, I am stating the facts as under-
Starting from the lockdown when we were asked to take half the salary even for the month of March and the lockdown was implemented on 22nd March. April and May were tough as I was being mentally harassed. The month of June, the entire admin staff received 75% of their salary but I received 50% and was never told the reason for this partiality. Nevertheless, I did not complain however, continued insult and humiliation that I am not good enough to manage the institution (when I have literally worked here for 11 years), not being provided any logistics to work from home, I did not complain and was being pushed to a corner, harassed mentally until I decided to quit and I was let go easily the very same day (15th June 2020).
Post my resignation, I was asked to wait for 3 months for my Full and Final (FnF). I patiently waited counting on my Full and Final settlement. I had to send 9 reminders to get a reply from the management regarding the relieving letter, settlement of Provident Fund and Gratuity.
After chasing the management for almost 3 weeks I got an email stating I am getting a warning letter, as I am using student data that belongs to Aakash Institute Sector 14 Gurgaon. I was asked to apologize and give this in writing that I will not use the data anymore.
I was and still am shocked by the allegation that the management of Aakash Institute Sector 14 Gurgaon laid on me. I clearly denied the allegations in the email.
Post the denial I got a call from the HR (Parul Jain) Aakash Institute Sector 14 Gurgaon, stating an FIR will be logged against me.
It’s been more than 5 months since I resigned and I have not gotten any resolution from the Management. I am reaching out to the head office in the hope that I will get a resolution.
You are requested to settle the below at the earliest-

1)My Provident Fund issues
2)Payment of my Gratuity with interest.

The above are my hard earned money. I am above 50 years of age and in this Pandemic I am supporting my family with every bit of strength I have. I am being pushed around by the very company I have given my 11 years to, it breaks my heart to even write this email for the management that I was once part of.
I would request the higher authorities to kindly intervene and help get the Provident Fund and Gratuity along with the Full and Final settlement.

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