Aakash Institute — Misbehaving with customers

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+91 11 4762 3456
+91 11 3945 4545
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Aakash Tower, Plot No-4, Sector 11, Dwarka, New Delhi, Delhi, India – 110075

Hello Sir/Madam,

The person named Nagarajan who is working as an admission officer in Aakash Institute Tamilnadu Madurai location is misbehaving with customers. He is asking me to pay money to him in hand personally then he will help me to clear the exam without any efforts. Also, He is sending unnecessary messages to my number. I warned him many times but he is saying like he can do anything with his branch manager support no one can question him.
Thes type of employee should be fired from the company. He is spoiling the name of good organization.

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