Aapti Techno Soft — no salary

Aapti Techno Soft Phone
+91 40 6444 5959
Aapti Techno Soft Website
Aapti Techno Soft Address
Flat No:101, L. S. Towers, Somajiguda, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India – 500081

Dear un known friends welcome to aapti. this company was under the guide lines of banu sasi prakesh. this person will look after the persons when they pay money through back door. after that he will not see y again.

Hey mr. bhanu company ante front door and back door combination vndali kani nv only back door ni encorage chesav valla money valake echi cheat chesav… u froud… use less fellow…

Fake project run chesi 200 employees ni life end chesavvvvv. u are the double game mind…
bhanu prakash and sai amnd kiran #

Lastly guys dont way to these companyyy… few more days these company will be closedd…

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