Ablaze Info Solutions — please give me my money back

Ablaze Info Solutions Phone
+91 88 6888 8868
Ablaze Info Solutions Website
Ablaze Info Solutions Address
F-472, 2nd Floor, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India – 201301

I have invested 1.5 lakh in ablaze and have sent so many emails regarding refund with all my related documents. No one bothers to reply and send me my money. Kindly help. Why no one replies when I have sent all.my documents. I have already suffered a lot because of this. Since 2016 my money is pending. I request you to please help me. I have marked 8 emails but have never got any response from the other side. You people asked for documents which I have sent then why is this taking so much of time. We were informed that by June it will get resolved. Atleast update us about the same.

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