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Dear Sir,

After paying in full the credit card outstanding there was a credit balance of Rs.400/- in the subject credit card no [protected] of Navin Purbey.

The period of validity of my credit card was over and the credit card expired and was not used thereafter. I was informed that the credit limit of the subject credit card was reduced from Rs.30001/- to Rs.2700/- which was not acceptable to me and I did not put any request for renewal of the subject credit card.

I have received a call from your recovery wing that there is an outstanding of Rs.8000/- in my credit card and the same can be settled if I pay Rs.3000/- against the total overdue outstanding. On not complying with the same, the Bank will initiate recovery proceedings legally against me. Also, the status of my card has been reported to CIBIL for updating my records.

It may be noted here that after the expiry of my credit card which was having credit balance during 2007, I did not request for renewal of my credit card with your Bank. Also, during 2010, the limit was reduced from Rs.30001/- to Rs.2700/- which would have made the card useless for me and there was no point using the credit card with such reduced limit.

Suddenly, to extract money from me, the bank wrongly reported outstanding liability to CIBIL and started making recovery calls to me despite the fact that the card was not renewed and was in credit balance.

I, therefore, request you to kindly provide me with statement of accounts for the demand made from 01.01.2007 onwards to reconcile the statement and yourself to see the unreasonableness of demand and extortion calls made to my number.

You may please note that in the absence of yourself providing me with the statement of accounts from 01.01.2007, within 15 days of receipt of this mail, I will have no option but to approach appropriate forum and department as deemed fit.

This is without prejudice to move legally in the matter to resolve the issue.

Thanking you,

Navn Purbey

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