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I mr. A snowy kurian was using abn amro credit card around 15yrs back and had always paid my outstanding dues promptly every month till they, later sent me an upgraded credit card unethically without verification from my end due to which i discontinued using abn amro credit card since that date i called up customer service of abn amro cc division and told them that i want to discontinue and as adviced sent them a letter and cut both the cards into four pieces and mailed it to them, in spite of this i received the next statement showing the annual charges for the upgraded card, i called them and they said it will be reversed and taken care of in subsequent monthly statement.
They never did it in spite of calling them repeatedly over a few yrs. I did not pay the wrongly billed annual charges to abn amro since i have not used the cards. I had been getting calls lately and today too from representatives on behalf of kotak bank who now says to have taken over abn amro from ms soni kumari and mr. Manoj agarwal whom i was asked to call for some urgent matter without telling me the subject. ([protected] & [protected] resp) threatening me with legal action and fine of 45000/- for not paying up the outstanding 3728/- rupees.

Once a few months back a kotak bank employee called me about it and i explained this whole matter to him he understood it and promised to clear this matter soon.
I state that none of that amount is against any purchase done by me. This outstanding is showing in my cibil too and affecting my scores. I am using a credit card now of a different co. And have never kept any outstanding in any month here as well.
Please help me get this matter resolved asap.

A snowy kurian.

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