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I was an abn amro bank card holder in the year 2007. I had opted for settling the due amount and closing the card services. The amount was paid in cash to the agent of the bank in december 2007.

However after payment i received no closure letter and when i received the statement from the bank it showed an outstanding amount of a significant sum. There was no entry of the payment made by me. I tried calling the agent but there was no response to their registered number. I had mailed the receipt and inquired about the same with the concerned official at abn amro bank at cp. However there was no response on this from abn amro. Thereafter i moved to kolkata and the matter was forgotten.
From 2011 onward i have been receiving calls once in a year from different sources claiming to be agents deployed for recovery of an outstanding amount against the same credit card. Upon informing the callers that i have no outstanding amount the calls stopped. However the calls kept coming in every year once even a few days back i received such calls at my workplace. These callers harassed me and all my contacts at my workplace. This time the matter was worse as the caller abused all my contacts thus disturbing the whole institution.
I had tried several ways to get this matter resolved, even tried calling rbl which is presumed to have taken over abn amro but no solution is seen.

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