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Car Model: Santro purchased in 2018 on the name of my brother Yash Solanki with registered mobile number of [protected]
Dealer – Mahadev Hyundai in Faridabad City, State Haryana in India
Registration Number: HR87C9629

Problem Description: I got my usual car servicing done from “Mahadev Hyundai” a month back but after a couple of days of servicing my car’s self-start stopped working. I got stuck in the market and called Mahadev Hyundai, they sent a mechanic to have a look and when the car didn’t start after inspection, he asked me to tow the car to the agency. Shockingly he asked me to drive the car to the agency while towing rather than hiring an expert to do that. It was very unsafe and risky for me to do that on the highway yet I did it because I was stuck there and I wanted my car to get repaired ASAP. Once we reached the agency, after another inspection I was informed that my car’s battery was fine and there was a minor wiring issue which had been resolved by them and there was no need for a battery replacement at all. I took their word for granted and moved on but this morning again my car’s self start stopped working and I called the agency again. Today they again sent the mechanic (but this time with a charging battery), the mechanic did some inspection and with that charging battery he started the car. Now when I asked him the exact issue (if it was battery related or a wiring one), I got no response from him and he asked me to call his supervisor for details. I have called the supervisor n times but he is not responding at all. Now I am frustrated to the core because the mechanic said the car’s battery warranty has expired and you might need to buy a new one. Even more annoying is, I don’t know the exact problem and a month back when I asked the agency to replace the battery, they said it’s perfectly fine. It seems like a way to extract money from the customer. Is it the standard Hyundai has set for its customers? I really want to start dropping negative reviews of Hyundai and Mahadev Hyundai Agency on social media but I thought let’s hear from Hyundai first.

Waiting for your response.

Thanks and Regards,
Vikas ([protected])

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