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+91 80 4934 6001 [Bangalore]
+91 40 6713 0001 [Hyderabad]
+91 12 4467 2000 [Gurgaon]
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Accenture India Address
4/1, IBC Knowledge Park, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore, Karnataka, India – 560029


This is regarding Reference CID: C9334581. I have given the technical rounds with accenture and also uploaded all the required documents on portal. The status on portal at that time was – “You have cleared all the technical rounds! We will soon schedule the final round.”

After this my final discussion round was also scheduled for 4th May at 3:30 pm. But before it could happen there was a message on portal that “We regret to inform you that your credentials have not met our selection or verification criteria. We have closed your application and will not be going forward with your candidiature.”
I am not sure why my candidiature got closed as there is no reason mentioned.

I tried calling hr regarding the same, dropped her mails and messages but still there is no response on why this thing happened. Please do the needful here and let me know the exact reason of this closure.

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