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Accenture – a big fake company.
No management withing their departments.
Sudhi in HR – very unprofessional. She is not even picking my phone ### if they have no value for candidate time.

After 5 rounds of technical interview, I am getting the reply that my documents are not completed.
If this document verification is that important, it should have been done before 5 round of technical interview.

Krithi in HR Accenture – [protected] – She has never picked the phone – that level o[censored]nprofessionalism, Accenture HR people are having

I got a call from accenture in the month of june ‘2021 and after asking me all the details about my profile and previous companies, my first round of interview was fixed for 16th May’2021. It was first technical round with internal team of accenture. Then I got calls for document uploading on their web portal. I did all that. After all uploading, I got a call from another person named “Gaurav” from accenture, he informed me that my profile is shortlisted on the basis of my first round and he asked me to fix further rounds with the client..
I went through 4 rounds of technical interview with the client and I got a positive feedback by the client.
Then I got a call from Gaurav that my profile has been selected by the client and I will be getting a call from Accenture HR within that week (around 2nd July’2021).
When I dint get any call, I called Gaurav on 6th July’2021 and I was informed now that HR is having some issues with the documents so my candidature cannot be accepted by Accenture.
This is the information I am getting after 5 rounds of technical interviews.
If I am calling Gaurav, he is saying that h has no information about it. HR can only answer this. He dint provide any contact no or maild to contact HR.
Somehow, I managed to get mobile no from where I got initial calls – that number is of Sudhi in HR – [protected]. She didnot reply properly and banged the phone. This type unprofessional people are there in HR of this big company – Accenture.
She does not have basic ethics of answering a call.
When I asked her that if you think my documents are not complete, why did you fix my interviews(5 rounds), she replied so weirdly that it was not me who called for interviews. She asked me to call that person who fixed my interviews.
This is now they are doing – ping pong between HR and other dept .
No one is giving me answer, they are just playing parcel passing with the candidates.
My complaint is that if you donot have any coordination within your department, why are you harassing the candidate and wasting candidate’s time.

Thats so ridiculous.
This kind o[censored]nprofessional behaviour and mismanagement is not at all expected from Accenture.

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