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I am an ex-employee of Accenture. My Candidate Id is C6427700. During my PF account creation, Accenture has created 2 PF accounts for me. As a result of which all my PF amount is now stuck and I am unable to neither claim the amount nor transfer the amount to my present PF account.

PFB my details :-
1. MHBAN[protected] This is the first account created by Accenture on 29/05/2017 but never deposited any money in it.
2. MHBAN[protected] This is the second account created on 01/06/2017, and all the PF deposits happened in this.

All the money got deposited in A/C no ending with 192 (Second A/C) but the DOJ and DOL are wrong and updated the same i.e 01/06/2017. The A/C ending with 945 (First A/C) has no deposits but the DOJ and DOL are the correct dates. As a result of which I am not able to transfer the money out of it.

This is a very serious issue. I have been trying to contact them over mail since more than a month, but they are not responding. All my life’s income is stuck with them and they are not helping me to solve this. Please help me.

PFA screenshot of the same.

Bibek Bharati Das

Multiple PF account created
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