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Date: 16/02/21
Description of Issue:

I left Accenture on 30/10/2020.
On 16/02/21, I noticed some discrepancies in my PF account (multiple negative entries in the passbook).
More than Rs 40, 000 had been deducted from my PF account.
I raised a grievance to EPFO office to which I received the below response.

“As per record your wages are less than the statutory wage limit under the Act. As per rule you are eligible for membership of Pension Scheme. But M/s. Accenture has not remitted contribution in Pension Fund. Hence establishment submitted clarification and request for correction in such cases. Your account number is one of them. At present correction process initiated for the month of March-2016 to Feb-2017. In your account pension contribution need to be diverted to PF. On approval of the correction final status will be reflected in your pass book. If any query kindly contact to the establishment “

As per the suggestion I contacted Accenture to which I received the below response-

“Please be informed that an EPS correction is undergoing in your PF account by the PF department. Hence, there are some negative entries visible in the EPFO portal. So once it is completed, your debited amount will be credited back to your account.please wait till MAY 2021 for update.”

I waited until the month of May 2021 as suggested however the full amount was not credited back, so I decided to contact Accenture again, to which I received the below response

“We have the confirmation from Employee’s Provident Fund Organisation(EPFO), that the issue has been resolved now…”

Since I have not received the whole amount I replied with the same. However, I have not received any response after that even though I have sent multiple emails and follow ups.

Detail of money debited/credited back:

A total of Rs 40928 was removed/debited from my PF account on 16/02/21.
Rs 11, 102 has been credited to the Pension Contributions (b/w dates 08/04/21 – 04/05/21).
Rs 4, 055 has been credited back to the PF account. (b/w dates 08/04/21 – 04/05/21).

Total – 11102 + 4055 = 15157

A total of Rs 15, 157 has been credited back (PF + Pension).

[protected] = 25771

Rs 25771 is still missing from the account.

Also note that they have deduced this from the Employee contribution too which should not be the case (Pension contributions should be paid by the Employer only),

Accenture is not providing any details of why this has been done or why the amount is missing. I have not received any reply over the past few weeks, hence requesting your help in the matter.

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