Accenture India — Remove my data in your database

Accenture India Phone
+91 80 4934 6001 [Bangalore]
+91 40 6713 0001 [Hyderabad]
+91 12 4467 2000 [Gurgaon]
Accenture India Website
Accenture India Address
4/1, IBC Knowledge Park, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore, Karnataka, India – 560029

Someone else create this account, maybe some consultancy create it however i haven’t appear for any interview so please help me to delete this account and my data from you database as i don’t want to share my personal details with anybody without my permission as i randomly checking my email id and found this cid: C5188453 .

So its a request delete this account with my all data from your database right now after deleting this data from your database please notify me too

Remove my data in your database
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