Accenture India — Unethical Behavior – Malpractice/ Fraudulence made by candidate in “Cognitive and Technical” & “Coding” assessments to get job

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A Candidate did malpractice in “Cognitive and Technical assessment” and “Coding assessment” rounds(candidate captured photos of the assessment questions using mobile phone and using these photos, took other person’s help in answering questions and cheated in both the assessment rounds.

After coming across this incident, I thought these kind of fraudulence acts shouldn’t be encouraged as because of these kind of exam frauds, the right candidate who would deserve the opportunity to work in a good organization like Accenture will loose the opportunity. I believe Accenture also will not encourage these kind of fraud things/ wrong doings.

I don’t know whether I can disclose or not the candidate details and the photos here. So I have provided the detailed information of this malpractice/ fraudulent activity made by the candidate along with the candidate details and the photos of assessment questions taken by the candidate(these photos have USN number of the candidate) in “Navex Global” portal(url: with “Report Key:[protected]”. These photos, candidate details along with the relevant information, I have provided in the ticket raised through Navex Global’ portal. So please See the Report Details for the mentioned “Report Key:[protected]” from Navex Global portal

Please see that the right candidate who deserve the opportunity to work doesn’t miss the opportunity to be part of Accenture as most of the right people would be looking for an opportunity to work in Accenture. And please see that the job doesn’t go to fraud candidates who doesn’t have any knowledge technically or logically and who just malpractices and clears the assessments doing malpractice with their unethical behaviour to get the job in a wrong way.

I hope reporting this issue would help to provide job to a right candidate in a fair way.

Please provide response for this issue after going through this.


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