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Candidate ID : C9542369

When I filled in EAF, suddenly popup came like your Candidature is closed..

I successfully cleared the digital interview after which I received confirmation mail and call from the HR.

I successfully cleared the technical round followed by HR round on 16 July 2021. After clearing all the interview rounds I received a confirmation mail and call from the HR stating that I need to upload the documents as the next step of the hiring process.
I even received one mail stating that I need to fill EAF to move forward..

I don’t understand what went wrong as I successfully cleared all the rounds and even CTC discussion was carried out with the HR.

This is very disheartening that big organizations like Accenture have loopholes in their recruitment process and the candidate has to face the repercussions of the mistakes done by their hiring team.
It is totally wastage of time and energy of the candidate who took the effort to clear all the rounds and still offer letter was rolled out neither any communication happened.

Please provide the resolution on the same.
Accenture please do the needful..

Your Candidature is closed
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