Accord Infosystems — home based work completely fraud company

Accord Infosystems Phone
+91 22 3267 0500
+91 22 6525 5795
Accord Infosystems Website
Accord Infosystems Address
B/22 Bholanath, 2nd Floor, Opp – Madrasi Ram Mandir, Subhash Road, Vileparle (East), Mumbai, Maharashtra, India – 400057

Mr. Duraipandian
You are one of the man from shatakshi and friends don’t listen to him i can guarantee you he is one of them and you are telling that you are benified from them how much do you benified by them can you post a payment screenshot or any payment proof these people did work with all accuracy they told they will pay 39k like that and why they can’t dedcute the money from that and asking money to pay our salary and can you tell me for what processes feeing should they pay ok you told you submitted the work can you post the link of your file i’ll tell regarding to work so many people pinged me to my mail and their links as i compared to different data from different fraud companies they people who send links are matching with my data that i have so how could the data may matched do you think these people are morens they are seeking for jobs you can’t do anything and you are one of them i can guarantee it and even the so called shatakshis is now called as static info they are now providing form filling job and don’t go for it they called me blackmailed me also they said they will so for court do what ever you want i do have all evidence from my side you can’t even do anything to me and remind that i’m not school child for do like this i am an post graduate student like other people i’m also seeking for job mr. Duraipandian mind your own business if you are benified by them let’s get me the payment proofs that you had and you are one them so don’t waste your time by reply wrong msgs
Friends if you are getting any home based works ping me at my mail i’ll do my best to tell whether it is fraud or not i’m doing this for a reason so many people need job and wasting time like doing homebased works for fraud companies i don’t want to people to waste their time so i’m giving my time for you friends who will support me or not it’s your wish friends

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