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On 8th June 2020, I had purchased Acer Nitro 5 AN515-52 for my personal use after going through its excellent reviews and recommendations. After few months of the purchase, the device started having minor issues which were solved easily by mysel[censored]ntil February 2021 when the first major issue came to my notice. The device was having issues when I was charging the device. It wasn’t charging properly. When kept at a certain position then only it would charge. That was the first when I contacted customer care regarding the issue with my laptop. When a technician was sent to my place, it was found that the charger was short-circuited- cause unknown. Soon new hardware was brought to replace the defective part. After that issue was rectified one day during bootup of my device I found out that my display wasn’t working. Otherwise, everything was all working well. Once again a technician was sent and it was found out that the back panel hinge is broken. The cause for was said it can be natural. I thought that would be the end of my problems but it wasn’t. One day I found out that my microphone wasn’t working. The case was registered and a technician was sent to check the device and he said a new microphone would be required. Soon the replacement part was brought and connected to the device. Still, it wasn’t working but the camera was working just fine. On inspection of the motherboard, it was found out that a part of the motherboard was burnt which caused the issue. When everything was connected and the device was restarted, it was discovered that the camera now has also stopped working. Due to the case involving the motherboard, I was said that the case will be closed. On sending repetitive mail regarding my issue the case was finally considered and motherboard replacement was sent. My motherboard was replaced under warranty on 28th June. Not long after that on 3rd July, The device completely stopped working while I was working on it. After that, I tried several emails and calls to Acer customer care and Acer support but there was no response at all. Once they started responding, the replies were no proper answers.I was given the email id and phone number of Ms. Surbhi Ranjan(Manager) to communicate regarding this matter but I got the reply late and it said that since my device is now out of warranty. I tried calling her but she wasn’t responding. There were two numbers in her office but the call wasn’t picked up by someone. One day when she was absent, I was also given her personal phone number. But when I tried calling her she still wasn’t picking up the phone. I even tried messaging on Twitter where I got a reply but they say I have to repair my device on a chargeable basis. I finally get a reply from customer care that I have to go to the service center at Santacruz(I live in Borivali). Today I called up customer care again, but I did not get the help I required. They were saying that the case cannot be reopened since the device is out of warranty. I do not accept this as a proper reason since there was a major problem on my device way before the motherboard problem originated. Due to no response, I contacted zopper, one of Croma‘s subsidiaries to help me identify the issue. They said it is the motherboard that has failed again. I am really frustrated with this issue now. It just keeps me giving mental stress. cannot just pay every time when a new issue comes. I had purchased this device to aid me during my Academic Year of standard 12th but the issues I was facing were just increasing my mental stress. There have been countless times I was not able to attend my lectures. I have missed my exams and practicals too due to this serious matter. I don’t think I should be paying for the defective device that I have when I am taking care of it properly to date. And this issue I don’t know if the motherboard was faulty or the technician could have made a mistake that has caused this terminal issue since I had also found during a repair that the technician who had visited me for an earlier incident did not put on the screw properly. I honestly do not accept the reason of Acer to no accept my request to reopen the case since my device is out of warranty. The problems existed before the expiry of warranty and now they are saying if I want to repair my device, I will have to pay for it. I paid 63, 000INR for proper device and performance. I am really happy with the overall working of my laptop but the reliability of this device has caused me a lot of trouble. Requesting your help as I am not out of options.

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