Acer India — Complaint against Acer Service Center

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On 25th September, I had registered a complaint to acer that my display cable is loose and I’m having some issues with the display. They game be the Case ID-3682218I, and I submitted my laptop to the service center (aforeserve kolkata). After a week, I called them whether it is repaired or not, they said that my laptop has motherboard problem. But I never had any issue with my motherboard it was working fine. I visited the service center and saw that my laptop is totally dead, not even getting power. When I had submitted my laptop it was all working fine, I only had issue with display angles. They told me it will be repaired soon, I don’t have to worry. Between this one week I know they replaced my motherboard with a dead motherboard because my laptop was in warranty. So that they can earn some money with my motherboard. One month passed and still they didn’t get the spare part as they kept saying that it is not available in the warehouse. I mailed many times to acer customer support they only said it will be done soon. Now more than 65 days have passed and still they haven’t resolved it. They closed the case Id and said i will get a replacement. More than 2 months have been passed and I still have nothing in my hand. The service center did a scam and also they have a poor customer service.

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