[Resolved]  Acetel Technologies — Unethical business practice and does not intend to pay salary to employees

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I was working for Acetel Technologies Noida. For a while. These people never payed our salaries on time , I took a leave from the office owing to many reasons along with the fact that i was facing recurring food poisioning owing to the reason that the drinking water in the office was undrinkable as the water tank was open and had lots of dust and fungus in it. In my absence these people kept on using my official Email Id to contact the clients on my behalf, Not only that although i did keep on going to office on irregular intervals but still as per them i did not go to office after 29th September 2009(which was suppose to be a comp off as i was the one who attended a meeting with them on Sunday in Aurangabad). Whereas the last day when i attended the office was 15th October,’2009.I couldnot go to office owing to several reasons and did keep on informing the same through Emails or Text messages for which i still have proof.
I do accept that I did not get a leave application signed but then how could i when i was not in the office?
I was about to go to office when i recieved their first letter saying that it is being sent because i was on an uninformed and unapproved leave for a month. My point is that why was it being informed through a written communication after so many days that to when I was in touch with almost every manager even My Managing Director who was courteous enough to call and I kept on giving him updates(Only my direct reporting manager was the only one who did not respond to even one of the email or text).
Then keeping these things in consideration i sent them my resignation letter which they obviously did not accept. i was sent several notices to come and meet them, Which i did by keeping the managing director informed and meeting him personally.
Finally somewhere near end of November they sent me a written Notice stating that they have terminated me from the company on the grounds o[censored]ninformed absence with effect from 29th SEPTEMBER,’2009.Though the resignation letter was already sent to them. and their attendance register will proove that i was in office on 15 October.

My concern is that first of all these people did not accept my resignation letter and terminated me on false grounds without paying me my salary for which i have proofs.
Secondly They kept on using my official Email without my information or approval in my absence.
Last but not the least these people are causing me mental pain by still using my name and telephone no on for SAP training on different websites Till date without my authorization although as per the last communication recieved i was terminated by them on Septembet 29, 2009 whereas i was on leave on that very day and had served my resingition on 4th November,’2009.

Please tell me what do i do, I do not intend to disrespect them but they have caused enough pain (mental as well as Financial) and I would like to make it sure that this doesnot happen with any other person also make sure that my EX Employer learns his lessonand be penalized for causing mental harrasment and ruining my career.

Sumaira Alavi
Phone no:+[protected]

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