[Resolved]  Acit — Cheat/Fraud

ACIT Education Phone
+91 22 4342 2222
ACIT Education Website
ACIT Education Address
3 Owners Industrial Estate, Gabrial Road, Mahim West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India – 400016

Dear all,

I am another victim who faced such pathetic experience of this institute and from their management.

Fraud #1: Yasmin khan lied me over the phone and acted as a Hindu with fake name “Sheetal”. She confirmed my admission and forced me to deposit required amount to complete my course. I had paid advance amount and went to Mumbai.

On first Day, Mr. Shahid started CCNA Security who doesn’t know anything about security and always try to misguide students if they ask any queries. During my class I often reminded to deposit remaining amount as I had paid only advance fees. As I had no choice, I had paid the remaining fees to resume my course.

Fraud #2: They said CCSP batch will be conducted by CCIE Certified faculty 8 hours a day as it was a crash course. However the batch started with very intermittent timings and never complete 8 hours a day. Since faculty was dual CCIE, he used came at his time and hardly conducting the batch for 2-3 hours max.

Fraud #3: They blamed me that I am influencing other students and spoiling the reputation of the institute, they have gathered 2-3 fake proves and in next 2-3 days they thrown me out from their accommodation. Fortunately I had some friends who helped to stay with them till the completion of my course.

I was very much upset due to this incident and also not had enough bucks to complete my certification with other institute.

Within next 3 days, they arrange a meeting with all the faculties and students and circulated a message to not communicate with me. I was like a prisoner in institute. I just wanted to complete my course and wanted to go out from the institute.

However I had lost my patients and went off from the institute after completion of 2 papers of CCSP.
You may find more cheats about this institute on several blogs and sites.

1. http://studentexploit.blogspot.in/
2. http://forum.aisitaisi.com/complaint/acit-fraud-ccie-training-institute-ashok-sl… – Sent Legal Notice to ACIT
3. http://satyamevjayate.dreamsindia.in/

You can find many more source by Googling about ACIT Mumbai.

Don’t trust these money suckers!
ACIT sucks!!!!

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