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Sagar (Recurtier) called me on 21st-aug-2019. He told to me”manual testing job is there only 6 vacancies”. U should confirm'”i am in arakerae office. I will send your information in espeed. Post charges. Only 200rs”. I went to this office “i saw it is similar to consultancy”. They told to me 1st show your message or mail. I showed to them then give me this document. I paid 200rs & they told to me hr will take interview”. I went inside hr told to me like this 1st option for you. You should pay.358rs for each. Intrerview.2nd option:1999rs for manual testing interview. I told to hr”yesterday sagar inform only 200rs. Why should you tell 2000rs extra”. She replied. Back in hr round. Also. You should pay 2000rs for further process.

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