ACT Fibernet — Internet not working – multiple tickets – bad customer service – laziness in local technician.

ACT Fibernet Phone
+91 72 8899 9999
+91 91 2121 2121
ACT Fibernet Website
ACT Fibernet Address
Golden Heights, 59th “C” Cross, 4th “M” Block, Rajaji Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India – 560010


My name is Emmanuel

Ticket numbers
SR[protected] – mine
SR[protected] – mine
SR[protected] – my neighbour
Many other tickets have not been attached as it got lost due to phone upgrade.

This is report that the unprofessional, punctuality issue of the local technician in my area.
The tech was intimated 2 months ago about the below situation

1. The small internet box was installed
many years ago into my neighborhood.
2. The place where the box was installed
had to be renovated.
3. Multiple intimations were given to act by
me and all my neighbours from 2 and a
half month.
4. The local tech said he would come and
do it but he never came
Many tickets were automatically closed
Into 24 hours without my consent
They had to be opened multiple times.

*5* EVERYDAY that passes by without
internet costs me and my neighbours
around 1500 each from my daily wages
as we work from home. This has
impacted our work very badly, it has
brought down our impression at

It is very disgusting to see that the company has been doing nothing to resolve this matter, the tech has come and he has taken the box away the whole area has no internet and the tech’s cannot just do one small job.
The cables used by Fibernet are cat5 cables.
We are living in 2021. For Godsake!! How can cat5 give u fiber speed? All o[censored]s have 125mbps package.
The whole area looks to have a better service but unfortunately this is the only service available in our area. ..

It’s not only about the salary mostly
Its about stability we as your consumers being as employees show at our work.

We hope consumer complaints being the best and renowned ombudsman will intervene and sternly take action into this matter…
Thanks and regards

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