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Sir/Madam, I am a 76 yrs old widow and live alone. My Adani Electricity Account No is[protected]. I reside at Powai, Mumbai. Since I do not keep good health, I have been making advance payment by cheque and the amount is adjusted in my monthly bills so far. This time too as usual, I had made my advance payment in February 2020 by SBI Cheque No 770713 dated 29 Feb 2020 for a sum of Rs 10, 000 which has been debited from my account, however, despite the money being debited from my account, a bill of Rs 4, 820 was given to me in Jun 2020, which I nevertheless paid on 15 Jul 20. I was under the impression that the advance money would get adjusted after the lifting of the lockdown. However, no adjustment of the advance payment of this Rs 10, 000 has not been done so far since i continue to get monthly bills causing me great inconvenience. May I request you to kindly resolve this issue. Regards. Mrs Shanti G Rai

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