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Sub :- Shifting Of Meter Box To A Safer Location .
Dear Sir,
I Bonaface Sutari residing at House no 106 St Braz Road Vile Parle West gautan, Mumbai 400056.
Would like to bring to your kind attention of a dangerous Electric meter box installed right at my main entrance and in a very, very badly maintained state by the owners, attaching supporting photos for your reference.
This meter box is openly exposed to heat and rain for the past decade, over the years I have giving the owners repeated reminders to maintain or shift the box in a safer place which is under their staircase, but they have ignored all the reminders and give lay excuses, and play a blame game saying the other occupants are not contributing towards the maintenance, this blame game has been going on for over 10 years, resulting in the box getting rotten, 5 yrs ago the door just broke fell blocking my entrance one rainy day with strong wind, and currently condition is without a door, you can refer with the person assigned to take the meter reading in this area, for your reference.
However, all said and done now it gets dangerous, On Monday 2st June 2021 somewhere around the second half of the day there was a loud spark in the meter box followed by smoke. Few minutes later there were three more louder sounds followed by sparks and smoke. That could have set the hole meter box on fire making it completely imposable for me and my family including a miner girl to escape to safety as the meter box on fire would be blocking my only escape route.
The current position of the meter box is in such a place that in case of a real time fire in the meter box, it will be difficult of the fire team to reach it easily and contain the fire before it got big and set my house on fire along with some more nearby houses as the houses in the gautan are very close to each other and some also attached to each other.
I would like to recommend and suggest to re instal the mitre box in a safer place under the owners own staircase which will keep it safe from rain, heat and also makes it is very easy for a fire team to reach in case of a fire as the new suggested spot is also road facing.
This electric meter box is a ticking bomb waiting to explode, and if so who is responsible for any unforeseen incident, The owners or Adani Electric LTD?????
Hence It is my humble request to you, kindly look into the matter and comply at the earliest.
Looking forward to your reply.
Bonaface Sutari

Shifting Of Meter Box To A Safer Location
Shifting Of Meter Box To A Safer Location
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