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Dear Adidas,
I purchased a pair of shoe from your site (Order No[protected] . The piece was small in size. So we returned.
Then we received a mail from you asking for bank details to process the refund. We shared our bank details twice. Then second time we got message from you stating you have received bank details
We received mail from you that refund has been processed on 3rd of November 2020
But we never received it. I called customer care many times during these days. But they are not able to solve the issue.
I was asked to share bank details for the same. That also I had to go to bank taking leave from my office. Still I went and shared two times because I think Adidas never get mail in one go.
I have been calling on an average every day. But no solution is provided. Requested to speak with some senior team member but now Adias is not replying at all.
It’s really very disappointing. I request you to please return my money ASAP.
I am hoping for immediate action taken regarding this issue.
Thanking You
Rohan Sharma

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