Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital — asking 100 rs each per providing 100 rs each

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Hi team,

I had admitted in aditya birla hospital for the surgery of kidney stone and they have charged me around 80000 for the procedure, normally it would be done at other hospitals around 30000.

As per the doctor advised i undergone for x-ray and sonography twice.

I had the misplaced the original bill and request them to produce duplicate bill and they had asked me to pay 100rs each for bill.

My question is why they asking 100 rs for each bill and on what basis they are asking 100 rs for each bill.

They had said that they have such policy to produce duplicate bill.

Could you please look into this.

Why theier billing department greasing customers like this and they charging extremely high charges and even duplicate bill also they are charging.

My hospital admmision detials as follows.

Mrn no:ab17058943
Name:b dsouza

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