Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital — Refund not completed

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+91 20 3071 7615
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Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital Address
Aditya Birla Hospital Marg, Chinchwad, Pune, Maharashtra, India – 411033

We recently had an operation completed at ABMH, Wakad, Pune. As we were opting for Cashless, there was a delay and hence the Hospital asked us to deposit some amount which we did. After the Cashless was approved, there was a refund amount due to us from the Hospital.
Firstly the hospital delayed the payment and when they did, they submitted it in the wrong name because of which the NEFT was rejected. I have been following-pu with them for over 20 days now, but there is no satisfactory response.
This shows the concern they have about their customers and their service

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