Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital — Surcharges on card payments

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I am visiting to abmh chinchwad since from last 2 years. Recently it is observed that hospital is started charging extra surcharges of around 2% on the payment more than rs. 1000 when payment is made by credit card/debit card
I asked the staff regarding details of these and staff person replied that the bank is charging the surcharges not us.
Yesterday i. E. On june 13, 2017, i used credit card for payment of blood test. The amount was rs. 4115, but person swiped rs. 4208 on my credit card i. E. Rs. 93 surcharge.
But if the bank is charging the surcharges, why the person swiped amount 4208 and not 4115. As the bank is charging extra on my credit card, it will get reflected in my card statement automatically.
It is not possible to carry a cash for the billing amount more than 1000. Does that mean i will have to pay extra every time when i use my credit card/debit card?

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