Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital — unethical and giving fake bills

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Aditya Birla Hospital Marg, Chinchwad, Pune, Maharashtra, India – 411033

My father in law mr vikas patil bed no 2023b was admitted in aditya birla hospital chinchwad pune for chest pain on 9th aug 2019. But in emergency ward it was told to them that we need dr rajiv sethi but your staff with out our knowledge called up dr badne for which we were not atall comfortable but they said you can change the dr after wards. But when patient was shifted to icu we told them to change the dr for which they said it is not possible. Every step the staff were giving false commitment as if they were been or guided to do so. So we decided to take discharge and told dr to discharge the patient as early as possible. That time was roughly 10 am we got assurance from dr that discharge procedure will take 2 hrs. Then around 11 am some lady from admin called us and started convincing us to not take discharge. So around 11:30 am she agreed to give discharge and said will take 2hr. So 2hrs means by 12:30 pm (Drs agreed by 10:45am to discharge) we were suppose to get discharge but we got discharge by 2:15 pm horrible. While discharged they gave bill which included all test done along with hemogram. But they said hemogram report is not available and they will investigate and will replay. How come they can bill the test which is not done. Hospital is giving fake bills to patient or would say the tests which are not done are also been charged. With out doing test how can they give bill.
Mrs prasad from admin department was very harsh and arrogant in talking and said do what ever u want to do.
Today i got a call in evening that hemogram test was not done.
Very very pathetic and unprofessional hospital. I had already filed a complaint in consumer and docket no is also been shared to your staff.

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