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+91 44 3919 0003 [Corp Office]
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Ali Centre, No. 53, Greams Road, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India – 600006

08/09/2020 i have some financial problems, that wise that day i serched by google, personal loan, that time aditya birla finance company came that details and link. Just i clicked and added my name and contact number and email address. Later one call came from aditya birla, his name pankaj kumar -[protected]. He told we are giving loan fo u. He asked about salary details and i told him to my salalry details. He asked me how loan u needed, i replied 250000/- for 3yer like.. He asked me to give adhar, pan, photo, bank passbook details to send. I asked with him any payment to pay first, he repled noo. Only 2499 only u have pay for document charge like.. After that no payment. Directly loan amt will be sent ur account within 15 minutes and corona effect instalmemnt will be cut on january.. 3 months later u have to pay installment he told. 250000 rs for 4 year monthly 4500 installemnt for 48 months. It is his calculation … many times he called me.
2 days later i sent a document by his same whatsup number he sent a letter by mail and i paid by google pay 2499/- for his account. And later he replied server issues later will send amount. I agree. And i called after 1 hour that he told me i sent a mail for u just check and pay 6299/- for agreement charge. That also i paid by google pay.. And later, next day he told me to pay 21800. That time i askd and i scolded when first day he told me only 2499 registartion fees now he is alimh daily payment. And he told this is a last payemnt. With 250000+23499 refundable. I told for me don’t want loan i don’t have any mony. I kept gold in bank and i paid the money.. Please refund money i told.. And he calld and his manager [protected] sri ram his name. He scolded and he told he will not give money back and it is getting return only by 250000 together.. Ilater i called customer service.
They replied it is a fake company and i sent all document by email for tem [protected] They repled for me thanks u for giving infromaton, it is a fake company, they are using ours name aditya birla capital.
That’s it after that no response.
Please sir, it is my humble request, i kept gold and pay money for them.. I am suffering more financial problems, i need money back.2149/- pls. Sir take a ation for them and give money back. Please take and action and i want my mony back.. Thank u

fraud about finance payment
fraud about finance payment
fraud about finance payment
fraud about finance payment
fraud about finance payment
fraud about finance payment
fraud about finance payment
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