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You have wrongly reported a late payment of 4 days with CIBIL for the month of February 2021 and also an overdue amount of ₹111. This is not only wrong and grossly unjustified but illegal too as you have hampered my credit report which has affected my life as I am not being able to apply for a home loan now, as the score has dipped to 716 in cibil from 786 due to your mis reporting.

The Loan account number LXW[protected] shows a late payment of 4 days in CIBIL and an overdue of 111 rupees for the month of February due to which my cibil score has dropped down to 714 from 786. This is disgusting to say the least.

This is the postpaid limit that ABFL has provided to me through Ola Money Postpaid and it is ridiculous that you have reported a late payment for the month of February 2021.

I cleared the entire balance of 17000 sanctioned and billed to me for the month of February, on 2nd March 2021 and the due date was for 5th March. Also There cannot be an overdue as Postpaid bill payments does not allow part payments and hence the entire bill was cleared in full (Screenshot attached).

I request you to do the needful correction with CIBIL AND OTHER CREDIT BUREAUS IMMEDIATELY, otherwise I will report this to the RBI and other authorities and am going to court because this WRONGFUL REPORTING late payment by ABFL has jeopardized my credibility and is hampering my standing with other banks.

I want a justified explanation that why has an overdue amount of 111 along with a 4 day late payment has been reported to CIBIL when I cleared my dues on the 2nd of March for the February bill which got generated on the 28th February and gives me 5 days to pay the dues which would be on the 5th of March and I paid it off on the 2nd of March 2021 !!!

This is grossly wrong to trash my CIBIL report in this manner. I want this rectified immediately. I would want this to be corrected in the next 7 days as I am to apply for a home loan and this will now get declined because of your wrong reporting to CIBIL and other credit agencies.

I am also raising a dispute with CIBIL about this. This is NOT done and I expect a resolution asap. Else I have all payment records etc and I am going to report this to RBI and go to court.

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