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I’ve paid 50, 000/- for flat booking in Aditya Captiol Heights Block A/1603!

They were running behind me, for booking the flat for more than 4 months!

before making the initial payment of 50, 000/-, they have not disclosed the complete terms and conditions of the agreement.

When the actual time arrived for the agreement, i asked them to share the draft agreement for review before proceeding with actual 10% booking amount of my flat!

after looking at the agreement, it’s clearly in the favor of the builder and the sad part is that… they have not mentioned the completion time of the project also????!!!

i met them multiple times and expressed my concerns over the agreement clauses with Mr satyanarayana (Ex-Director) and Mr. Satiiraju (CEO)

finally, they verbally agreed to make the changes!

1) In case of any delay in payment of pre-emi, they agreed to pay 18% interest for the first month and 24% for sub-subsequent months!

2)about the stilt parking also they acknowledged me.

3) Project completion clause

but, i asked them to provide the acknowledgement over the e-mail for this summary!
initially they refused to give the acknowledgement but then one of their employee reverted with modified agreement draft… here they actually used their talent!

“they mentioning that, they will be giving back bank interest rate only in case of delays in pre-emi”

but whereas if we fail to make the payment/release the bank fund…we are liable to pay 18/% and 24% interest rates!

what’s this?

and now they are replying back on refund of 50, 000/-

i’m attaching the complete mail conversation along with flat booking form.

agreement t
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