[Resolved]  Aditya Hospitals Boggulakunta Abids Hyderabad — Abnormal billing and non providing of requested information

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I have joined my son Rahul for appendictomy on 10/04/2010 in Aditya Hospitals Boggulakunta. At the time of joining I have paid Rs. 20000/- in advance. I have a insurance with ICICI Lombard but as my company has just tied up on 1st April with ICICI Lombard, I thought my insurance details have not got uploaded to the system and paid the above mentioned cash.

Subsequently, I have informed the Hospital administrative department that I have insurance coverage.

My son was in the hospital for four days and subsequently got discharged.

Insurance company has settled Rs. 38960/- which is high by any standards for a simple appendictomy. I had to pay 10% as copay and has paid the amount. However, when I have asked for the break up of the amount I have not been provided with the same. The amount of Drip, antibiotics and medicines given to my son were minimal as a single bottle of Saline took 24 Hours to get completed.Even the Doctor’s visit was only once a day.

As a copa I have asked the breakup and Hospital is not providing the same. I am not sure how the ICICI Lombard has settled the amount of Rs. 38960 for a simple appedictomy.

Further, Though the rent is covered in the Insurance claim, the Hospital authoriities have collected Rs. 4800 extra from me for the rent. Initially I have been informed that the rent for the room is only Rs. 1500 but once they have come to know of insurance coverage, they have said that the rent is Rs. 2000/-

Finally, Of the Rs. 20000/- I have paid, they have Paid back only Rs. 11300 by saying some or other reason and that too after a big fight. That shows that an appendictomy has costed near to Rs. 50000/-

I request the authority to instruct the Hospital authorities to provide me the break up and pay me back the extra amount they have taken from me.

Thanks in advance


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