ADS Consultancy Kolkata — Job consultancy

ADS Consultancy Phone
+91 33 6456 0196
ADS Consultancy Website
ADS Consultancy Address
Sundaram Building, 46F Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road, 5th Floor, Kolkata, West Bengal, India – 700016

ADS has taken Rs 10000/from me and till date they have not arranged interview.
it is totally fraud.

everyday they cook up new stories and avoid. they have sent in 02 or 03 companies but when i have gone there the company person does not know about my interview.

I have 23 years experience in engineering and ADS consultancy is playing with me.

they sometimes abuse me over phone.

I am repeatedly complaining to naukri jobs thru which I have got the address but they are not also taking actions.

kindly take action against this fake job consultancy so and recover our hard pressed money which we have paid

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