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+91 33 6456 0196
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Sundaram Building, 46F Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road, 5th Floor, Kolkata, West Bengal, India – 700016

Hearing from a reliable source I visited ADS HR Consultancy, Kolkata (Sundaram Building, Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road) on August 7, 2018 to talk to someone as I was looking for job during that time. The person who I spoke with took all my details and produced a registration slip and charged me Rs 4000/. The slip is attached for you all to see.

I was told that there will be a portal and I will have to log in with my phone no. and there will be a job section where jobs will be recommended to me. from there I need to apply and go for interviews.

Initially no jobs where coming to my portal. After repeated phone calls they activated the portal for me. I found that instead of HR (which is my profile) I was sent engineering and sales/ marketing jobs only and that too only 7 leads where given which were of no use for me. I called up ADS constantly for months and complained about this problem. But everytime I was said that they are looking after the matter and soon the issue will be solved. Seeing no result I went to their office and there I met Mr. Shakti Rajak who I complained about the terrible service that I was getting till then from ADS HR Consultancy. He promised me that there wont be any inconvenience any more. He couldn’t fix the portal. Instead he sent me a lead of a company that was recruiting in HR position. Company name – GSB Research Company Pvt. Ltd. I called them up and came to know that position offers a package of Rs. 22, 000/ monthly, where as my current package is Rs. 50, 000/. Next, her asked me to go for an interview in Star line Group on Dec 13, 2018. I went there and came to know that the concerned person is unavailable and no interview is going on.

A screenshot of my portal is attached for your reference.

So this is the kind of Service ADS HR Consultancy gives.

Today after almost a year I find that more jobs have been posted on my portal with back date. Those jobs were not there till January 2019 when I last checked the portal. What a system you have and how much you harass people who go to you with a hope to get some leads for jobs. None of the jobs match my profile that has been posted after so many months and no one has ever called me from your behalf asking me to go for an interview. No one even bothered to resolve the issue that I was having with the portal.
This Shakti Rajak also resigned from the company and refused to respond to my calls.

Now when I google search this company I find reviews which are similar and even worse than my experience with your company. How I wish I had reviewed and surveyed about your company before registering there.

Since no service was ever provided to me since August 7, 2019, I want the Rs 4000/ that was taken from me in the name of registration to be refunded back to me at the earliest. I will post this on my social networking pages so that more people come to know about this company and their service.

I want the registration fees of Rs 4000/ refunded at the earliest.

pathetic service about the agency
pathetic service about the agency
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