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I would like to bring you to the notice of the Car service and Repair of car number TN10 AP 0025, for the two service Invoice number S8408G[protected] DATED 16-2-19 and S8408G[protected] dated 18-3-19…
At first I am being loyal customer of Advaith Hynudai for past over 10 years way back when I owned Santro, Eon to now Verna Fludic, I am very disheartned with the experience for the first time.
I would like to bring you the notice that Service Engineer was unprofessional towards the approach to resolve the problems, service and repair my car.
At first I would like to complain when I left my car for service on dated 16-2-19, after reviewing the complete past service details of the car form your computer data base, adviced me to what all repair works has to be done, I/we as customers we trust your words and with trust even I told him to carry on all such repairs because I am not an Engineer, and your Service Engineer gave an estimation of 30, 000/-, which I even agreed.
It is very logical there might be 10% to 15% plus or minus, which I have experinced too.. But after a day your engineer calls me and tells me more other repairs which I was in no way to deny but to get such repairs done(as I feared saftey to drive the car), (it’s as such a patient in the hospital cut open his body later he is no choice left, but to agree as all doctors advice him to get done so..), bill raised to 50% more than the estimation which I paid, but with dissatisfaction and with compromisation of other expenses due for the month. It was unethical, unprofessional and breach of trust..when I wrote the same thing in review form your service engineer pleaded me and I obliged to let go..
Well it did not end there within less than 1000kms of the drive car ( I drive car only when required if not I use other means of transport) more Issues popped, which I have never experinced after Servicing at Advaith Hyundai, my car AC stopped working, Air Bag light indicator popped up and I had difficulty in driving, I complained the service engineer and he asked me to get the car to the service station, later I was more in shock as he complained more and more such repairs individually and gave an estimation of less than 5000/- for which I disagreed and I later obliged as I had to good repair of my car, but AC problem was still not resolved and after a day he intimated me to come to the service center and told me that car has met with an accident and there is leakage in AC pipe for which I asked to explain but he failed and put all the blame only on me..he later told me take the charges of the spare parts without labor cost and I told him to do it, it again shot up to 9000/-, later after few days he gives me a bill of 16, 000/- which is very insane, unethical and unprofessional, I have lost the complete trust on Advaith Hyundai
So overall the experience was very taxing on my Mind, Peaceful Nature, Money from 30000/- I ended up paying 62, 000/- my whole financial structure got disturbed I had to borrow money to reach mine and my family needs…
Is this the way you people take your Coustmers for granted…? and more of all I lost the trust on your Service Center and I would not visit your service station ever once again, I am in process of filing a complaint in Consumer Court but before this is my intial approach to let you know what such has happened…
I hope you will look into this Issue seriously…

bad service, service overpricing, unprofessional approach
bad service, service overpricing, unprofessional approach
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