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Regretfully, I must pen my experiences with your Vasanthnagar sales staff.

Firstly, I wanted to purchase a Santro Sports AMT car for my wife who had fractured her wrist and wanted to exchange her manual shift car for an automatic.
We contacted your Vasanthnagar sales staff and the events folded as follows :

1. We were offered a test drive at your Residency Road sales depot. To our amazement we were not allowed to take the test vehicle out of the yard and had to be satisfied with driving in the pothole ridden yard for 10 minutes at a mind boggling speed of 10 kmph !.This happened last sunday 25th July.

2. Despite this we opted to buy the car unseen, and were told that there was an offer for the month, expiring on 30th and we should pay the purchase amount immediately. We complied.

3. To cut the long story short, we were promised the delivery today, having completed all formalities. In fact, until yesterday evening we were informed that the car would be ready by 1030 am today.

4. Accordingly, we had made all arrangements for performing puja and other rituals before 12 noon, being an auspicious day and time.

5. Half an hour ago we received a phone call from your sales staff that the registration formalities were not completed and the car would be available tomorrow or day after.

6. I find this lackadaisical attitude totally unacceptable, and must protest at the manner the whole affair from test driving to absence of vehicle delivery lacks any professionalism and highlights the laid back attitude of Indian companies.

I regret the incident that has left a bad taste of my association with Advaith, which dates back 20 years. I bought two Accent cars from your showroom in the[protected] era.

I am not sharing the name of your sales agent as this may have adverse repercussions on the person. The purpose of this mail is to highlight deficiencies in your services which need looking into.

Iqbal Kumar

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