Advaith Motors — Issued cheque lost and misbehaviour by GM, Manager and other staff

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Have purchased Hyundai on 23rd Oct’20 after doing all required formalities and submitting all documents. I have done the booking for rs15000 and issued the cheque for rs 919964. When I got delivery I have amount was not deducted account I checked with sales person is cheque cleared she said in case there would have been any issue vehicle would have not been released..I discussed with my family n we thought because of festival season there is delay. Sales person called n check if amount got deducted I confirmed no. After that they said your cheque is bounced. I confirmed from my bank they confirmed that it was never presented to them. I requested them that plz return my cheque n I will do immediately RTGS. Rather then doing that GM called n shouted and misbehaved with my pregnant wife n me. He was not ready to listen us. After talking to my bank I stopped the cheque and did RTGS but they don’t return my cheque because they lost it. This is mistake done by Hyundai finance department n rather then owning their mistakes they misbehaved with us so much. I can provide evidence for all conversations in case required.

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