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+91 80 2297 6101
+91 80 2563 9053
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Residency Road, # 32 ACR Towers, Bangalore, Bangalore North, Karnataka, India – 560025

My car was due for pick up yesterday (1.04.2019), so i’ve left my car and taken a cab to office. Nobody called me monday for a follow up. Someone called in the afternoon for a confirmation for which i told them that there was nobody who came to collect the vehicle and the call was cut. After multiple calls, somebody picked up and told me that the car would be picked up today. Somebody called me in the morning saying he is the driver and that he will be there at 10:30. He even confirmed my address, i have no received any calls beyond that. Now someone from the hyundai service center calls to inform me that the driver could not make it because he was given a wrong number. This is the kind of excuse i get? Even though the driver called me at 10 for a 9:30 pick up and asked me for confirmation for my address, car number and name and my car has not been picked up either. I took a cab again to office. If this is the kind of service hyundai gives to it’s customer who has only been buying cars from hyundai. It’s outrageous, if i don’t get a response soon. I will be taking this to social media. This is simply not done.

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