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A-13, Pamposh Enclave, Delhi, Delhi, India – 110048


Advance hair studio @ koregaon park is nothing but a cheat. Have enrolled their services for hair restoration they simply cheated my with 1.5 l.

Was very clear in my objective that nee hair on the head, they done their survey/test etc.. Etc.. And eventually advised me for laser.

I was not comfortable and asked me to do transplant instead directly. Bt they persuaded me multiple times and assured me by all means to for laser treatment.
Went there almost for a year /every week /1 hr of seating.

But no result, not even stopping of hair fall. Felt like a big fool.

When i confronted them strongly initially they resisted saying result may vary person to person, asked them how much variation should be considered..10, 20, 30 %.. It was complete 100%.

Then they said you were irregular in coming for seating, i asked them to check the attendance chart… Was absolutely very much regular.. Then they said i might not have taken medicines regularly :).

I stated them for refund… Then they said it was a mistake from our staff and they are no longer working with us… However they are willing to compensate by changing me less per graft and quoted me a higher rate and giving the so called discount, which was higher than the original quote they gave before me going for laser.

In short for me it’s a cheat company and no one should trust them for any of their services and simply should banned from making fools.

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