Adviser Street — Street dogs problem

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My name is Dinesh, would like to bring your kind attention on the problem which Kancheepuram, gandhiroad, adisonpet street area people facing in these days. Sir, there are so many mad street dogs in this locality because of them it’s very difficult to take step out from our houses especially at night. I come late night from my office and I have seen and faced this situation where these dogs barks on us and they come closer to the motor bike rider to bite them. Sometime biker loses their consideration from the road which becomes a cause of serious causalities.
Generally, these dogs you can see lying on the roads and they make their victim the entire person who passes from them. I have fallen on the bike two times as well.
so this is my humble request to you to please pay attention on my letter and send immediately Dog catcher team in this area so that we will get rid of this problem soon.

Adisonpet street,

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