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With due reverence and humble submission it is to be stated to your sympathetic self that i, saurav chakraborty, is expressing my grievance against my company. I had been pondering since many days before writing this mail but today i thought about the word enough.

As this is a mail related to my job concern and linked with government rules for the disabled persons rights so i must introduce myself before briefing out my grievance.

My name is saurav chakraborty, i am a disabled person with 80% disability, i don’t have my right limb from the knee and my left limb have filariasis and keep on bleeding along with that i am an orphan also grown up and got studied at orphanage home, along with that i am a victim of brain tumor, it means i am suffering from brain tumor also. For these things i could provide the documents as my disability certificate and medical proves for my brain tumor.

There are two things which i must inform to grievance cell. Firstly regarding the salary. I used to get 15k over here, i do have 9 years of experience along with the documents. I am continuing over here since 10 months over on the same part of salary but once i had visited the hr regarding the salary, as less experienced persons are also getting more salary than me and i am getting that much, but they answered me that you haven’t negotiated while you was getting hired. But the main thing is that, i trusted them while i was getting hired as they told me that this the salary we are offering every candidates. It means they lied me as at that point of time i thought that it is an it sector not a grocery shop that i have to bargain over there. According to them its called negotiation and according to me its bargaining as both sounds same. So the concern instead of giving some exception they lied me and took the part which i deserve after having 9 years of experience, even if they are abled and also offering much salary to fresher candidates also. So they must not lie. They got a strange type of salary structure, it means if they are telling us that my ctc is 16k then actually it is 15k before the deduction, then comes the deductions part of pf, esic, etc, as they used to deduct the employee and employer part of pf deduction and both of the deduction is getting happened from our salary even if the employer part also. But it is supposed to get deducted only employee part but their part is also deducted from our salary. A strange type of trick they playing in the name of salary. Candidate used to get happy hearing that their ctc is 16 or 17 k but they don’t know actually its 15 or 16 k, along with the ctc they are attaching their pf deductions also and getting it acknowledged as our salary.

Now comes the second and main part regarding my pf (Provident fund account). Sir while joining this company i had already provided them my existing uan number which was going to be 10 years and according to government rules if the same account is being continued for 10 years, there will be a part of pension. But without my intimation they opened a new uan account. After 10 months when i was checking my payslip, i saw it a new uan account and went to them regarding the concern. They are telling me that it was a old uan number and at that point of time there it don’t need any kyc upload so they opened a new one. Sir i want to ask there are so many peoples working since 1990 or earlier but they are continuing the same account and getting the pensions also. So i don’t think that they are giving me a valid reason for opening a new one. They are also telling me why don’t you checked your uan earlier, but sir the payslip is not on a auto delivery process in order to get it delivered to our mail id every month, so how am i supposed to check that? And moreover i had continued that uan account with many companies earlier also and they haven’t opened a new one but why now. Even if they are telling me that the date of birth was not matching, but sir they itself are telling that there was no kyc upload on earlier uan account, so definitely its on a manual upload. Earlier employer also continued on the same, so how how they was able to do such? And moreover the most indispensable part is this older uan account was also opened by this company at kolkata many years ago, they made me open this one at first so now the company is same again but in noida, so why they are not able to access that one when other company already was able to continue on that older one? So why this company cant do such and even if it was opened by this company earlier?

Actually sir according to my concept, they also know that if an uan account is being continued for 10 years, they have to give pension and that is the main reason for opening a new one. So sir, am i supposed to work more 9 years once again even if after working for 9 years earlier and expecting for the pension one day? As i knew i am a disabled person and an orphan also, so i cant continue working at that point of age which a normal person could do, as i don’t have any backup or anyone to take care of me in this world, that’s why i continued this one uan account for 9 years and now they opened a new one and i am feeling being cheated and feeling being taken over my future security that i had planned for myself.

I pray in order to take some step so that the old one could be continued once again and once again my insecurity feelings regarding my future could be gone.

One more thing i must give you an intimation sir. As i am writing this mail regarding my disability rights provided by the central govt., now the company will raise any issue, even if there is no issue, they will create it and make me out of this company. I will follow you onwards also if such things is going to happen with me as a prove of their wrong doings in the name of company’s policies. They used to acknowledge it as their policies and fire employees.

I hope fervently that my prayer will be accepted to your hearty steps which will keep me ever grateful to your honor.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Saurav chakraborty


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