Aimfill International — Fraud company

Aimfill International Phone
+91 40 3999 9333 [Head Office]
+91 75 6999 9333 [Head Office]
+91 80 4499 9333 [Calicut]
Aimfill International Website
Aimfill International Address
2nd Floor, Sona Arcade, Secunderabad, Karnataka, India – 500003

I got the call from aimfill international cochin and attended the interview there with the mysterious center head lady. She told me that i am selected for the other round and i was made to have video conference with the CEO Fazil basheer and the most fishy thing was that he could see me and i cudnt see him. Anyways being optimistic i carried on with the opportunity. I could not conclude what was exactly on their rotten minds. Then they told me to join them in training for HR executive position in their Chennai head office. previously i was reluctant and then i decided to fly from cochin to chennai merely for the training. On the spot they told me that i have to put all the travelling expenses and staying expenses from my own pocket, i was fairly uncomfortable on this part. then, that CEO told me to come to his office as night just to sign the joining papers and being a woman i cudnt go as it was an entire new place for me and i was putting up at my friend’s place who was not there at that time. So, by his fishy and so convincing talks, i concluded these are not good people of corse. Nyways, next day when i went to their office in anna nagar east, chennai, i was making myself optimistic . Then, some lady nationaL head told me to submit my original documents degree, HSC, SSLC, etc. and when i denied that none told me about this, she started compelling me to highest limits. That was the time when i got scared. and then she was compelling me to shift my place from the trustworthy friend place to her flat and i was harassed mentally to high extent. by anyways, i literally ran from that office. Otherwise i didnt know what wud happen to me that day. In short, this company is a fraud and the CEO is a mysterious womaniser. They will never let you have any idea what they are planning for you but within an instant your all dreams will be vanished. So, i suggest no lady to go there and join their company. It is a fraud company and u can search about this company, u wud see the similar heart wrenching complaint cases against them..!!

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