Aimfill International — Salary issue

Aimfill International Phone
+91 40 3999 9333 [Head Office]
+91 75 6999 9333 [Head Office]
+91 80 4499 9333 [Calicut]
Aimfill International Website
Aimfill International Address
2nd Floor, Sona Arcade, Secunderabad, Karnataka, India – 500003

I have been working in Aimfill International as a call center manager since 2 years .The pay initially which was offered for Rs.60, 000 but they gave me only 50, 000.10, 000 was deducted because I was not able to reach my target .The target which was given to me was 15 but I could achieve only 10. However, the target intimated to me was not updated as given before .

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