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I am writing to you to raise an issue about: Flights

The issue that I have experienced was: We had a group booking for with ID: C5C83X; due to pandemic I reached out to the support team via AVA chat several times requesting for refund. Cases raised so far – ( Case number 66205675 • 03/07/2020 – Case number 66211793 • 03/07/2020 – Case number 70630723 • 12/08/2020 – Case number 72895068 • 08/09/2020 – Case number 75669368 • 13/10/2020 – Case number 74839731 • 03/10/2020 )
Finally with Case number 78787312 dated on 01/12/2020 they approved refund and said I should be receiving the same in 16 weeks time; when I followed up on the email chain post 16 weeks I did not get any response and now when I put the case number in AVA it says the information do not match. All i am requesting is a refund as promised and its more than 16 weeks since it has got approved!

It occurred on: 1/12/2020

Just return our money as promised!

Refund approved but not processed
Refund approved but not processed
Refund approved but not processed
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