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I do not understand why Air Asia always sending the same email saying that you won’t refund the amount without knowing the issue.

I am copying Ms. Santosh Chand here to escalate this issue.
Dear Sir,

Please note the following.

1. Asia was always a failure in customer service. I was trying to cancel a ticket for so many days( more than 2 weeks) and no customer executives were available to help as the line was always busy. I believe it is a bug from your end. Also I have tried automated chat from your side and it says that I had booked via an agent and I got shocked. I was 200% sure that I booked thru How the hell agent came into the picture here?

2. Due to this I had to book two flights unnecessarily to fly from Bangalore to Cochin. Moreover you guys had cancelled my other booked flights two times. I had to spend double the money for flights that’s only because of the poor service form Airasia.

3. When I contacted the Nodal officer, they always replied that I had flown with the flight, and will not refund that amount. Note that I had to book multiple flights due to the reason that Airasia was not helping me to cancel the booking. This was such a mental tourture to me and had to alter my plans multiple times just because of poor Air Asia service.

I will not stop escalating this until I get a reasonable reply and a refund for any of the below flights.
Both of the flights below, I was trying to cancel through your chat service and customer care, and did not get a response over 2 weeks of time. This is seriously the worst service ever happened in my life.

Flight: I5 976 – Boarded the flight.
Flight : I5 1451 – Did not travel on this flight and again I was not able to cancel due to the worst service form your side.

Please see further details below.

1) FLIGHT NUMBER I5 – 1129 ( This was the Initial one that I have booked- CANCELLED BY AIR-ASIA)

Travel Date : 02 Jan 2021 Bengaluru ✈ KochI
Name: Aneesh Sudarsana Dath

2) Flight: I5 991 ( Given this due to cancellation 1129 – and again CANCELLED BY AIR-ASIA )

Travel Date : 02 Jan 2021 Bengaluru ✈ KochI
Name: Aneesh Sudarsana Dath
PNR No: F1M13Z

3) Flight: I5 976 ( This was the flight given by AirAsia due to the cancellation of FLIGHT NUMBER I5 – 991. since this was delayed, I was able to catch this up and boarded the flight)

Travel Date : 02 Jan 2021 Bengaluru ✈ KochI
Name: Aneesh Sudarsana Dath
PNR No: F1M13Z

4) Flight No : I5 1451

I had to book this one due to many confusions created by AirAsia and I was not able to cancel the flights either through the chatting option or through the customer care as I mentioned in previous mail. Earlier I was trying to cancel Flight: I5 991 as it’s time was not convenient to me. I also faced the same issue to cancel that flight as well. Later Air Asia cancelled Flight: I5 991, and given Flight: I5 976. Since the Flight: I5 976 was delayed ( from 18:05, to : 21:00, I was able to catch up that up.

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