Airasia India — Rescheduled my flight without my permission

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+91 80 3300 8000
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#91, Level 1, HRS Chambers, Richmond Road, Bangalore, Karnataka, India – 560025

I had booked a flight with AirAsia India from Delhi to Pune on 14th April 2021 02:30hours.

Out of nowhere, I received an SMS from AirAsia-
FLIGHT CHANGE SUCCESSFUL: The new itinerary for your booking C843UX is as below.
From: I5-728 departing on[protected]:00 AM To: I5-731 departing on[protected]:25 PM Please complete your web check-in 4 hours prior to your departure time. And, get ready to take off comfortably & safely with AirAsia India.

The above message is written as if I was the one who initiated the request to change my flight. I ave no clue why they did this. I tried to change my flight back to the original one I had booked. For this I was using their chat box, Tia, online. There was no option given to me by her to book the original flight again. I tried finding their email ID, but couldn’t fins it anywhere. Finally, I tried calling them 25+ times on their customer care number mentioned on the website. Not a single person responded.

My itinerary is BHOPAL to DELHI to PUNE.
My BHOPAL TO DELHI flight is confirmed and I will reach Delhi by 9PM on 13th April. The only flight which takes me to Pune home by time was this Air Asia flight that I had booked. Because of the last moment panic and no other flight to be found on that date in the comfortable time duration, I had to cancel this Air Asia flight so that I can book 2 different flights for the next day. Because of AirAsia, I have wasted money on 3 flights!!! I EITHER WANT AIRASIA INDIA TO BOOK ME ON THE ORIGINAL FLIGHT AGAIN ASAP OR THEY SHOULD REFUND ME THE FULL AMOUNT FOR THE BHOPAL TO DELHI FLIGHT I HAVE BOOKED WITH INDIGO AS IHAD ASSURANCE THAT AIRASIA FLIGHT WILL TAKE ME HOME SAFE. AirAsia India has refunded me the price for the flight I cancelled with them. However, the INDIGO flight that I have booked from Bhopal to Delhi because of them is non-refundable. THEY SHOULD DO ONE OF THE ABOVE MENTIONED THINGS.

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